Our Showroom was opened in 2005 to show the public a number of different polished concrete options

You can see standard concrete that has been ground at different depths, from a salt and pepper grind
to a heavy deep grind plus polished concrete without any grinding involved

We also display a decorative aggregate with pebbles supplied by different concrete manufactures
within the auckland area. These include Allied, Stevenson's, Firth and Counties Concrete.
They each source their pebbles from the rivers around New Zealand making each of their mixes unique.

We have a range of sealers that can be applied to suit your floor. We can advise on the best option

Showroom Address

169 Morren Road,
St Johns,

Open Times

Visit the showroom 7 days a week
by appointment only.

To book appointment please contact us on
0800 35 4000

Location Map