Polished concrete flooring is one of the most popular surface systems in New Zealand. Suited to most situations including the interior and exterior of homes, commercial spaces, office receptions, foyers, lunchrooms, retails stores, pubs, schools and hospitals, the options are endless.

Polished concrete can be produced on older concrete in existing buildings, as well as in brand new designer-style concrete.

Polished concrete surfaces offer great advantages, including:

  • Style: polished concrete looks great in every space
  • Low maintenance costs: once it is sealed, polished concrete is easy to maintain
  • Longevity: the life-span of concrete flooring is very long
  • Security: accident damage is rare and in most cases is repairable

Residential Polished Concrete

The demand for polished concrete flooring in residential spaces has dramatically increased over the last few years. It is considered a prime flooring surface for a modern and sophisticated home.

Polished concrete flooring offers a wide range of benefits to home owners. They are low-maintenance, easy to clean, durable and non-slip, plus they stay nice and cool in summer, hold the heat in winter, and are protected from moisture-related damage.

Polished concrete floors can be customised with stains and dyes, scores and radial lines, or by choosing from different river stone aggregate to enhance the interior design of your home.


Exterior Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is not limited to interiors. Exterior polished concrete uses the same process as interior floors, except the concrete is not polished as high which creates a safe non-slip surface.

Common areas that feature exterior polished concrete include driveways, shopping centres, footpaths, patios, courtyards, schools and hospitals.


Commercial Polished Concrete

Plain concrete floors in commercial areas can be polished to create a hard durable surface that makes cleaning easy. We densify the floor and mechanically polish the surface with diamonds to create a marble-type sheen.

Common areas that feature commercial polished concrete include supermarkets, hardware stores, warehouse floors, workshops, retails shops, cafés and pubs.